tvtech: LCEVC Showcase Returns to 2023 NAB Show

tvtech – LCEVC Showcase Returns to 2023 NAB Show


Multiple companies will show MPEG-5 LCEVC-enabled products across broadcast, streaming, social media, and XR/VR

Allegro DVT Announces the Industry’s First MPEG-5 LCEVC Decoder Silicon IP

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Allegro DVT, a leading provider of silicon video IP solutions announces the availability of its D301, the first MPEG-5 Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding (LCEVC) decoder IP solution. The D301 is expected to accelerate the adoption of the new video standard by allowing SoC/ASIC vendors to rapidly offer solutions compatible with the emerging format.

MPEG-5 part 2 LCEVC (Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding) is the latest standard by MPEG and ISO. It specifies an enhancement layer which, when combined with a base video encoded with a separate codec such as H.264/HEVC/AV1/VVC, produces an enhanced video stream. The enhanced stream provides new features such as extending the compression capability of the base codec, lowering encoding and decoding power consumption, and providing a platform for additional future enhancements.

The D301 LCEVC decoder IP is optimized for power and silicon area, making it suitable for system-on-chip (SoC) designers to easily integrate LCEVC decoding into their products. It supports picture resolution up to 8K, pixel widths from 8 to 12-bits and chroma subsampling formats ranging from 4:2:0 up to 4:4:4. The IP also features fast and easy SoC integration and is delivered with full user configurable control software.

Guido Meardi, CEO of V-Nova said: “We are very excited about Allegro DVT’s introduction of their LCEVC decoder IP. As a market leader in video silicon IPs, Allegro DVT’s product launch represents a cornerstone towards delivering the first HW enabled LCEVC decoding solutions which are key to optimizing power consumption and to supporting higher resolutions.”

Nouar Hamze, CEO of Allegro DVT added “We are proud to be the first company to offer an LCEVC decoder IP solution. Our D301 will enable our customers to integrate the new standard into their products quickly and easily, providing them with a significant competitive advantage.”

Allegro DVT will host a live demonstration of the D301 on its booth (W1974) during the 2023 NAB show in Las Vegas (April 16-19).

About Allegro DVT
Allegro DVT is a world leading provider of digital video technology solutions including compliance streams and video codec semiconductor IPs focused on H.264, HEVC, VP9, AV1, VVC and LCEVC standards.

About V-Nova
V-Nova is committed to unlocking higher picture quality at scale. Its technologies, based on the innovative use of AI and parallel processing improve data, video, imaging, point-cloud compression and have been granted international standard status by MPEG, ISO and SMPTE. Our relentless investment in R&D has built a portfolio of over 600 international patents which we monetize through software licensing, IP royalties and product sales.
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MPEG-5 LCEVC showcase supported by comprehensive ecosystem at NAB Show 2023

MPEG-5 LCEVC showcase supported by comprehensive ecosystem at NAB Show 2023

  • Multiple companies support showcase with MPEG-5 LCEVC-enabled products across broadcast, streaming, social media, and XR/VR
  • Demos include latest trials with Globo for the World Cup and Brazilian Carnival
  • MPEG-5 LCEVC demonstrates benefits for the distribution of higher quality video while cutting delivery costs

Download PDF: NAB Show 2023

London, UK, 15 March 2023 – The LCEVC Showcase returns to the NAB Show 2023, highlighting practical examples and demonstrating an expanding ecosystem of support for MPEG-5 LCEVC across broadcasting, streaming, social media and the metaverse.

The showcase will include demonstrations of LCEVC-enhanced content on TVs, mobile apps, web browsers, and new XR applications, all powered by a number of key solution providers including Allegro, AMD, Amlogic, Ateme, Harmonic, Intel, MainConcept, NETINT Technologies, NVIDIA, PresenZ, RealTek, RedpillVR, Steinwurf, THEOplayer, Videon, and V-Nova.

For video streaming applications, the ability to add MPEG-5 LCEVC at the player level will be demonstrated with integrations of LCEVC already available for popular projects such as Shaka Player, ExoPlayer and FFmpeg. LCEVC will also be shown running at the driver level on video chipsets used in set-top boxes and TVs, demonstrating the ability to quickly deploy the technology also for large-screen viewing. The availability of small-footprint silicon IP will also be presented.

One of the key demonstrations will simulate the LCVEC trials that Globo performed during the World Cup at the end of 2022 and during the Brazilian Carnival in 2023. They showcased the ability to carry an enhanced High Dynamic Range (HDR) 10-bit layer on top of an SDR channel for enabled receivers as well as the first end-to-end trial over DASH streaming of an LCEVC-enhanced VVC video.

Finally, the showcase will host demonstrations of how LCEVC, together with V-Nova Point Cloud Compression, benefits applications such as Cloud Gaming and Cloud XR rendering. The combination of these technologies enables photorealistic 6DoF PresenZ media to be streamed to lightweight client devices, in support of the companies and services that are driving the future of the Metaverse.

According to Guido Meardi, CEO, V-Nova, “It is amazing to see the support of LCEVC in the video ecosystem growing from tradeshow to tradeshow. At NAB this year we’re seeing all the elements needed to deploy LCEVC in broadcasting, streaming, social media platforms, cloud gaming, and future XR applications, all coming together. LCEVC now offers diverse and cost-effective deployment options for both encoding and decoding. Video service providers will therefore be able to quickly monetize the benefits of more efficient, lower latency, higher density, and more sustainable video delivery.”

The showcase will be in the West Hall, Connect Area, booths W3074 and W3075. For more information about LCEVC and to schedule appointments with the LCEVC team at NAB Show, please follow this link: LCEVC Showcase NAB23 (





MPEG-5 part 2 LCEVC (Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding) is the latest standard by MPEG and ISO. It specifies an enhancement layer which, when combined with a base video encoded with a separate codec, produces an enhanced video stream. It can boost the compression efficiency of any existing or future video codec, enabling higher quality at up to 40% lower bitrates. It also provides substantial compute savings (up to 4x) compared to using the base encoders in full resolution. It is suitable for software processing implementation with sustainable power consumption.

The enhancement stream provides new features such as:

  • Extending the compression capability of the base codec
  • Lowering encoding and decoding complexity
  • Providing a platform for additional future enhancements

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Making Waves at the World Cup

Feed Magazine Spring 2023


V-Nova recently partnered with Brazil based Globo to debut the first-ever MPEG-5 LCEVC-enhanced channel during the 2022 Fifa World Cup. The showcase included two major experiments during live broadcast. First, they used an LCEVC enhancement layer to turn a TV 2.0 signal into an HDR 10-bit channel. Second, they provided 4K HDR visuals and complete, personalised audio by Dash, streaming an LCEVC-enhanced VVC video. These moves signal a transition to TV 2.5 and 3.0, with future formats supporting high-resolution video and next-generation audio on both broadcast and streaming platforms.

Globo Partners with V-Nova to Stream 2023 Carnival Over LCEVC Streaming Standard

LONDON—Globo, Brazil’s largest broadcaster, recently collaborated with V-Nova, a developer of video compression solutions, to test the delivery of an LCEVC-enhanced stream for the 2023 Carnival in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The live stream was set up alongside the existing AVC/H.264 feed to demonstrate the benefits of MPEG-5 LCEVC in live streaming applications, where it is paramount to obtain maximum quality within the real-time constraints, especially on detailed and complex content such as that of the Brazilian Carnival parades. 

LCEVC (Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding) is a new MPEG standard that can boost the compression efficiency of any existing or future video codec, enabling higher quality at up to 40% lower bitrates.

The streaming trial featured a MainConcept LCEVC-enhanced H.264 live encoder creating a ladder of 6 profiles peaking at 1080p29.97 @ 4500kbps. This was compared to the  incumbent AVC/H.264-only channel of 8 profiles, where the top profile was 1080p29.97 @ 5500kbps. The streaming employed HLS in 6 second TS segments and delivered via AWS CloudFront. Playback was available on a demonstration website using Shaka Player v4.3  which natively includes an LCEVC decoding option.

The LCEVC-enhanced H.264 produced a higher quality output with a ~40% bandwidth saving compared to the existing H.264-only stream. V-Nova says this significant reduction promises to make large-scale streaming events accessible to millions on congested networks while simultaneously reducing delivery costs for the video service provider.  The trial was carried out live, delivering content across the world using LCEVC-enabled encoding and player solutions that are already available on the market.

“The Carnival is as beautiful to watch as it is challenging to compress at high quality,” said Guido Meardi, CEO of V-Nova. “We are proud of our collaboration with Globo, which proves the tangible benefits of LCEVC for enhancing resolution and picture quality in large-scale live events while improving efficiency in both the CDN and backend. Critically, these real-life trials demonstrate that this new technology can be deployed today with broad encoder and decoder support available.”

Deacon Johnson, SVP & General Manager at MainConcept said, “We are pleased to continue the work we started in 2022 with V-Nova and Globo. MainConcept values our partnerships with industry leaders, such as V-Nova and Globo, who share our commitment to the quality, reliability, and performance we demand in our products.”

LCEVC is the selected enhancement layer for the upcoming TV 3.0 system in Brazil. Globo and V-Nova already successfully showcased the use of live LCEVC-enhanced  video during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, proving its effectiveness in a complex broadcast scenario. The 2023 Carnival streaming can be watched here:

Allegro DVT and V-Nova announce strategic collaboration to accelerate development of LCEVC ecosystem

Grenoble, FR and London, UK, 8 December 2022: Allegro DVT, the leading provider of video codec compliance test suites and semiconductor video IPs, and V-Nova, a leading provider of video compression solutions today announce a partnership to accelerate the availability of LCEVC enabled solutions for Video SOCs and ASIC vendors looking at faster time-to-market in the deployment of LCEVC.

The two companies will collaborate to address the growing demand for LCEVC with a target to make available both compliance test streams and proven video IPs. This new product roadmap will enable video SOC and video ASIC vendors in a multitude of different markets to integrate and verify the compliance of their LCVEC implementation with the standard, allowing for a safer tape-out and faster time-to-market.



World’s first LCEVC-enhanced broadcast channel as part of world cup showcase by Globo and V-nova

Globo, the Brazilian mediatech company, announces two showcases to demonstrate to partners, guests and Globo employees, at a Globo-venue in Rio de Janeiro, the evolution of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) in Brazil during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 transmissions.

Globo will broadcast and live stream every match of the tournament using backward compatible improvements from the current TV 2.5 standard and preliminary specifications for TV 3.0, the country’s next-generation DTT system, specified by the Brazilian SBTVD Forum. Both showcases represent a significant technological step towards a better viewing experience. Namely the demonstration of the TV 3.0 system, which is intended to facilitate the distribution of current and future formats, includes 8K resolution, High-Dynamic Range (HDR), and Next-Generation Audio (NGA) to over-the-air broadcast (OTA) and over-the-top (OTT) streaming platforms upon its development in the next coming years.

How Does LCEVC Boost Immersive Video Streaming?

XR Today’s Demond Cureton hosts Fabio Murra, SVP of Products and Marketing for V-Nova

In this session, we discuss the following:

  • V-Nova’s latest video compression tool, LCEVC
  • How LCEVC can optimise current and future solutions amid challenges in the XR video sector
  • How LCEVC can help companies meet sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  • Ongoing trends in XR and thoughts on the Meta Quest Pro

“Wowza’s Video Codec Landscape paints rosy picture for AV1, LCEVC” – Alex Davies

Wowza has published its Video Codec Landscape 2022 guide, which sets out the lay of the land in the encoding world. The major takeaway appears to be AV1 reaching cost parity with HEVC, and some pretty concrete evidence for the improvements that the LCEVC enhancement layer can bring to the table. The esteemed Jan Ozer is the report’s author – a person who plays around with the guts of these codecs and provides a valuable outside perspective on the actual real-world performance of these tools. To this end, we should be able to happily trust the findings, and the Wowza endorsement reinforces this position.

Read the full article here (behind paywall)