LCEVC Excels in Full Ladder Live Use Case Testing

Jan Ozer announces his second report on LCEVC Technology entitled LCEVC x264 Report: Live Sports & eGames, ABR Ladder.
The first report assessed VOD performance at 1080p; this report tested live performance using a full encoding ladder and weighted average performance as well as BD-Rate comparisons.


ReThink Faultline Dec 3 2020: “A recent acquisition [by ELEVEN sports] could be the first big test for LCEVC”

Multinational TV channel provider Eleven Sports is famous for traveling the world and collecting sports rights, particularly in small or developing countries but also competing with the big boys for top content. Serving a spread of live sports content to a diversity of markets has prompted Eleven Sports to adopt two entirely separate technology stacks – one for delivering premium content and another for lower priority sports.

Speaking during a webinar this week, Eleven Sports CEO Luis Vicente explained that the reasoning behind having two technology stacks is that, for premium content, there is a much lower margin of error for content delivery. He compared Champions League matches, the creme de la creme of European soccer, to a niche second tier match from the Brazilian league as an example of how content is separated across the respective technology stacks. […] Vicente also revealed that Eleven Sports is planning to launch three new platforms built around these two technology stacks. While there are few details on vendor involvement in building Eleven’s back-end, we do know that the company is an early adopter of the LCEVC (low complexity enhancement video codec), developed by V-Nova.

RED5PRO: 9 Reasons why LCEVC+WEBRTC is a winning combo

Find out why RED5PRO are so excited about combining LCEVC with WebRTC


Key points:

  1. Increased Compression
  2. Reduction in Processing Power
  3. Reduced Encoding Time
  4. Low Latency
  5. Backward Compatibility
  6. Cost Savings
  7. HTML5 Implementation
  8. Best Quality in Restricted Networks
  9. Hardware Support

OTTVerse has compared LCEVC vs AVC and finds the results ‘incredible’!

In this article, OTTVerse compares the quality and speed of LCEVC with H.264/AVC as its base-codec vs. H.264/AVC using FFmpeg.

OTTVerse said: “Incredible 28% Gain at 3x Speed” !

Full article here:


I Analyzed LCEVC with V-Nova and the Results Were Impressive

An overview of a comprehensive report by Jan Ozer that documents the testing, quality, and performance of the Low Complexity Enhanced Video Codec (LCEVC).

MPEG Latest H.266 Codec Runs Into Stiff Competition

MPEG’s two others, Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding (LCEVC) and Essential Video Coding (EVC), are more complementary to H.266 or VVC, than competitive.





LCEVC explainer: Why the enhancement codec could be a value-add for sports broadcasters in uncertain times – SVG Europe

There is no doubt that 2020 is shaping up to be a landmark year for broadcast codecs with a slew of new developments due to reach fruition…


Comprehensive Guide to LCEVC (MPEG-5 Part 2) – Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding – OTTVerse

The LCEVC Codec (MPEG-5 Part 2) or “Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding” is one of the three new codecs being introduced by MPEG (others being Versatile Video Coding (VVC) and Essential Video Coding (EVC)) with the aim of increased compression efficiency for existing codecs at little to no increase in coding complexity by the use of a base bitstream and an enhancement bitstream.


Shoot High-Quality Videos with more efficiency – International Journal of Research

Have you ever run out of space that captures some of your cherished moments? Isn’t it annoying? No more hassles, after long research, now you’ll be able to record high-quality 8K videos and 360 degrees videos too.

New H.266 VVC codec shows promise for 4K and 8K streaming – Best Gaming Pro

One thing to look ahead to: Video information is predicted to account for over 82 % of the worldwide Web visitors by 2022, and with the proliferation of 4K and 360-degree video, higher video codecs are wanted to scale back the bandwidth and house necessities of your favourite content material.