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This year LCEVC from MPEG will be standardised. Called Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding, this codec provides compression both where computing is constrained and where it is plentiful. Guido Meardi, CEO of V-Nova, talks us through what LCEVC is starting with a chart showing how computation has increased vastly as compression has improved.


V-Nova vaunts LCEVC results at virtual NAB – to end codec bloodbath – Rethink Faultline


MPEG 130 – Alpback – MPEG Chiariglione

At its 130th meeting, WG11 (MPEG) is proud to announce the completion of the new ISO/IEC 23094-1 standard, i.e., MPEG-5 Essential Video Coding (EVC), which has been promoted to Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) status.

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LCEVC reaches Draft Interational Standard (DIS) status – CSI

Codecs play a vital role in video production and delivery, but there isn’t much consensus about which one is the best for delivering the best video playback, with greater efficiency and in a cost-effective way. Then there are licensing and royalty issues to consider. For this reason, coding efficiency is not the only factor determining the industry’s choice of video coding technology for products and services and there is much movement taking place in the encoding world.

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Encoding LCEVC – Streaming Media Magazine

Ever wondered how simple is it to use MPEG LCEVC with FFmpeg? Don’t miss Jan Ozer’s article in Streaming Media Magazine stating how LCEVC will have an immediate impact on the streaming landscape with a detailed tutorial on how to encode it


Encode/Decode – Bits per Buck – InBroadcast

An investigation on how video compression, live or file-based, is all about generating the most cost efficient and high quality final picture to increasingly discerning viewers

LCEVBC - In The News - InBroadcast

A peep inside MPEG – InBroadcast

Simone Ferrara, SVP Technology and IP Strategy at V-Nova, gives InBroadcast a view inside the development of a new standard developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group, MPEG-5 Part 2 LCEVC.

LCEVBC - In The News - InBroadcast

V-Nova first to use LCEVC – promising boost over next-gen codecs – Rethink Faultline

V-Nova is proclaiming how P+ will transform the codec landscape by providing operators with a way to deploy better video quality with lower encoding costs to existing and future workflows.